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  • JP Mondala

UP NIGS UPGAA Geology Museum: Bringing Geoscience Closer to the People

The NIGS-UPGAA Geology Museum offers an alternative venue where geosciences can be taught outside the traditional four corners of a classroom. The museum, since its inception in 2006, has been offering its services to bring geology closer to the masses. The Museum houses a plethora of rock and fossil specimens that learners can observe and handle. Also present within the premises is an activity section where young and curious kids can train to be junior micropaleontologists in the electronic microscope section or read books and solve puzzles that unlock the ancient continents lost through time. In summary, there is no shortage of activities and discoveries inside the Museum.

Young learners from Homeschool Global engaging in museum activities such as: (1) Learning about biogeography and plate tectonics through puzzles and board games; (2) Observing microfossils using our electronic microscopes; (3) Learning about fossils by touching actual specimens.

In the first quarter of 2024, the museum opened its doors to a total of 260 visitors coming from outside and inside the University. One of the highlights of March was the tour of Homeschool Global where preschoolers and middle schoolers of the homeschooling group were able to participate in a guided tour. Curious young explorers filled the museum that day, with some students even expressing their intent to become geologists in the future.

Visitors from Homeschool Global

Another initiative re-launched by the museum is the Featured Specimen content posted on all its socials as well as in the NIGS lobby monitor and NIGS website. This initiative aims to provide weekly information about the highlighted museum specimen. In this day and age where social media scrolling is part of our daily lives, it might be helpful and beneficial to view tidbits of geological and paleontological information weekly. This not only promotes the museum, but also brings the geosciences to people’s consciousness. You yourself can be a follower of these weekly trivia by visiting our Facebook @UP National Institute of Geological Sciences Museum and Instagram @upnigsmuseum.

Weekly featured museum specimens

This year, multiple specimens have been added to the museum archives including a chalk specimen from the White Cliffs of Dover, Philippine amber, and Glossopteris fossils from Australia. The Foraminifera Tree has also been revamped, with the foraminifera now exhibiting proper labels and are classified into planktonic and benthic species based on their arrangement in the display cabinet.

Every improvement, successful guided tour, publication, and addition of specimens is attributed to the support the Museum receives from the NIGS faculty, alumni, docents, and visitors. With our mission of bringing the geosciences closer to the people, the Geology Museum will make sure that its doors are always open to every curious individual.

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