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NIGS motorpool staff and building attendants enhance typing skills

The NIGS Motorpool Staff and Building Attendants enhanced their typing skills through in-house Typing Skills training sessions facilitated by Mr. Joselito C. Lagrimas, Senior Technology/Development Management Aide, with assistance from Ms. Melani R. Dizon, Junior Office Aide. Around 14 personnel attend to these hour-long sessions every Wednesday at the Computer Laboratory, aimed at refining their typing abilities. 

NIGS Motorpool Staff and Building Attendants during the typing in-house training.

Given the ongoing digitization and increased reliance on online document management, this training familiarizes personnel with typing techniques, particularly as document processing shifts towards digital platforms. Utilizing the TypingClub application, personnel receive hands-on guidance on proper hand posture and typing methods. Progress in typing speed and accuracy is closely monitored with a focus on continuous improvement. 

This initiative is part of the NIGS Administrative Office's commitment to continuous learning and development to ensure that its personnel are equipped with the necessary skills in this digital world. The training started on 28 February 2024, and will be followed by sessions on Google Workspace suites.


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