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  • Kristine Velasquez

NIGS Advances Mechanic Expertise with a Seminar-Training on Troubleshooting Techniques for Utility Vehicles

NIGS conducted an in-house seminar-training titled “Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for Identifying and Repairing Mechanical Damage in Utility Vehicles” on 06 December 2023. This was participated by Motorpool Staff and other Admin Staff of the Institute.


Facilitated by Mr. Gerardo C. Sumat, Mechanic, the session covered a range of topics such as alternator pulley replacement, electronic control unit troubleshooting, secondary clutch repair, exhaust gas recirculation, and cooling system restoration. Participants had the opportunity for hands-on learning using the Institute’s fleet of vehicles.

NIGS motorpool and cleaning staff during the training session at the NIGS motorpool area.

This initiative aims to enhance the expertise of NIGS Staff in effectively addressing mechanical issues in utility vehicles.



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