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  • Kristine Velasquez

NIGS Administrative Staff conducts Post-Strategic Planning and Team Development Activities

The NIGS Administrative Staff convened for a significant engagement from 16 November 2023 to 19 November 2023. The first part involved an extensive strategic planning session held at the Institute's Multipurpose Room, followed by Team Development Activities at the Kiwi Garden Resort and Events Place in Los Baños, Laguna. Professor Reginald S. Vallejos from the University of the Philippines-Manila guided and supervised the strategic planning phase.


On the initial day, the Administrative Staff was divided into four groups to delineate the objectives of the Administrative Office. Each group systematically outlined activities aligned with these objectives, assigning priority rankings. Concurrently, the groups collaboratively addressed potential challenges by identifying problems, determining their root causes, and forecasting their effects. Subsequently, the group shifted focus on the following day to recognizing positive outcomes, refining skills, strategizing on effective contributions, and contemplating a lasting legacy for the Administrative Office. Values Formation emerged as a pivotal aspect during this phase.


NIGS administrative staff at the post-strategic planning activities at UP NIGS.

The subsequent days featured activities tailored to decision-making, refining listening and communication skills, and conducting individual assessments for each member of the Administrative Staff. These initiatives were designed to enhance both team cohesion and individual capabilities. The comprehensive nature of these efforts underscores the Administrative Staff's steadfast commitment to continuous improvement and the cultivation of effective collaboration within the team.

NIGS administrative staff participate in team-building activities held in Laguna.


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