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UP Geology Majors’ Society

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

UP GeMS Resident Members during their last General Assembly for AY 2022-2023.

Geology Summit 2023

Last April 2023, UP GeMS concluded its 48th Founding Anniversary through the Geology Summit 2023: Climb the Summit advocating on bringing the industry to high school students, professionals, and the people. At least 300 attendees from all parts of the Philippines celebrated the development and relevance of geology as it traverses through time. With the esteemed lineup of judges for the impromptu speech and photography contests held, Joseph Andrei dela Cruz from Negros Occidental High School (JHS Category for Impromptu Speech), Liann Jireh D. Cabanda from Alabel National Science High School for Region XII (SHS Category for Impromptu Speech), and Jeann Drew Peñas from Negros Occidental High School (Photography Contest) received 1st Place for their respective contests and categories.

Human Hustles To Environment Hassles. First Place Geology Summit 2023 Photography Contest. Photo from Jeann Drew Peñas.

National Oceans’ Day

True to its mandate of promoting student involvement in activities related to environmental protection, Ramuel Ramos (President) and Pamela Pajenado (Vice President for Externals Affairs) were invited on DZUP, the official radio station of UP System to talk about our advocacies during the World Oceans’ Month last May 2023.

DZUP’s released material on the interview for Ramuel Ramos (President) and Pamela Pajenado (Vice President for External Affairs) last May 2023 National Oceans’ Day. Keeping up with UP Geology Majors’ Society. Photo from

Meet the Apps

Led by the current Vice President for Internal Affairs, Francine Beatriz Pradez, and the membership Mélange ad-hoc director, John Daniel Laurente, UP GeMS welcomed the official applicants for the second semester of the academic year 2022-2023 on March 3.

Joined by the resident members of UP GeMS, the 23 applicants were introduced to the people and culture of the organization throughout the Meet the Apps program. The applicants also met their member buddies through a buddy-bidding activity. The member buddies have the responsibility of guiding the apps as they immerse themselves in the various aspects of the organization.

UP GeMS members and the official applicants during Meet the Apps.

Apps’ Night

As part of their application process, the Batch 22B Neogenes held their Apps’ Night on May 26, 2023. The two-hour event showcased the applicants’ ability to host an event, conduct and lead fun activities for the members, and present their batch output creatively. The event took place at the NIGS lobby and was attended by the members and alumni of the organization.

Batch 22B Neogenes during their Apps’ Night on May 26, 2023.

Election of Executive Committee AY 2023-2024

To prepare for the transition for the next academic year, UP GeMS opened the application for candidacy for aspiring executive committee members on May 2023. Last June 23, the UP GeMS COMELEC held the Miting de Avance, where official candidates were given a chance to each present their general and specific plan of action and be able to answer questions from the members. The event catered to the audience both from the physical venue and from the online live Zoom meeting.

UP GeMS aspiring candidates after the Miting de Avance last June 23, 2023.

The official results of the election on June 24-25, 2023 were released last June 28. The newly elected officers are set to assume the role of the outgoing executive committee of AY 2022-2023.

Induction of Batch 22B Neogenes Applicants

Serving as the culmination of the Neogenes’ application process, the probationary members of the organization underwent their Final Rites on June 28 — a day-long series of tasks and activities headed by the Mélange team before their official induction as resident members of the UP GeMS.

Batch 22B Neogenes as newly-inducted members of UP GeMS.


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