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UP Geological Society

UP Geological Society (UP GeoSoc) is an academic organization duly recognized by the College of Science and the University. Since its establishment in 1957 by Kelvin Rodolfo and Adonis Esmilla, the organization continues to uphold the values and advocacies of its forerunners through various events and initiatives. For February and March, the organization focused on internal events as well as the preparation for our upcoming flagship event, the National Geology Congress. With the culmination of the 22A Application Process, UP GeoSoc currently has 52 active members.

True to its mandate in communicating science to a wider reach, UP GeoSoc presents the 10th installment of the National Geology Congress (NGC) aims to extend horizons by offering platforms for discussion about the geosciences for earth science teachers, high school students, and geology students and enthusiasts from all over the country. The Earth Science Teachers’ Webinar (ESTW), entitled Exploring the Extremes: A Crash Course on Mineralogy and Earth History, is a one-day webinar that aims to equip high school earth science teachers with the proper knowledge and additional skills necessary to teach earth science to their students. The High School Students’ Webinar (HSW), entitled Peak Above the Peak: Discovering Career Paths in the Geosciences, features career options for aspiring high school students planning to take up higher education in the geosciences by exposing them to unique fields that they may pursue in the future. Next is the Geology Students’ Forum (GSF), which aims to provide a platform for discussion among different sectors of renewable energy in the Philippines with the theme Transforming Terrains: Advancing Geosciences toward Sustainable Energy. In addition to the three online webinars, an infographics contest, Dignayan sa Infographics, Pagyamanin sa Wikang Atin (DIWA), was launched where participating high school students are encouraged to promote the geology of their provinces in their mother tongue.

Finally, UP GeoSoc ended its donation drive, Tsuper Hero: Abot Tulong Kay Manong, last March 29 after the turnover of around Php 7,050.00 in cash and donations of hygiene and grocery packages to 200 jeepney drivers under the UP Transport Group. The organization would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who supported our cause!


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