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UP Geological Society

Class of 2023 Send-Off Party

Last September 1 to 2, the University of the Philippines Geological Society (UP GeoSoc) conducted a sendoff party to celebrate the members who recently graduated this year. The event also served as a great way to expose the new members in the planning process of face-to-face events, and a time for the members and alumni to bond as an organization.

UP GeoSoc Send-Off Attendees

Laboratory Tour

UP GeoSoc also conducted its annual Laboratory Tour last September 18. Spearheaded by the Academics Committee of the organization, the tour aimed to introduce the BS Geology freshies, shiftees, and transferees (FSTs) to the esteemed laboratories of NIGS where they can become student assistants and eventually thesis advisees. This was the second time that the tour was held face-to-face since the pandemic. The organization would like to give thanks to all the participants and laboratory representatives who made the event successful.

Pubmat from UP Geological Society’s Facebook Page

UP GeoSoc together with the participating FSTs after the laboratory tour. Photo by Trisha Paradeza.

The Olympian's GEOrney: Blockhandling 2023

UP GeoSoc, in collaboration with UP Geology Majors’ Society, UP Cwm Zena’na, UP Rockhounds, and Iuvenis Orbis Geological Fraternity, also conducted The Olympians’ Georney: Blockhandling 2023 last September 24 with the goal of introducing the FSTs to the different organizations at the institute. Apart from the org introductions, this year’s blockhandling was packed with fun and exciting games, prizes, and raffles for FSTs.

Geology 11 Review Sessions

UP GeoSoc will also start conducting its Geology 11 review sessions to help the students prepare for their upcoming exams. The first session will be held on September 30 via Zoom and is open to all first-year BS Geology students.


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