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  • Noel Patrick Soberano

Geol 250 (Igneous Petrology) fieldwork in Zambales

The Geology 250 (Igneous Petrology) class, under the supervision of Dr. Betchaida Payot and Dr. Gabriel Theophilus Valera, conducted fieldwork in Zambales and Mount Pinatubo last April 29 to May 2, 2023. The objective of the fieldwork is to familiarize students with igneous rock associations and their origin. Specifically, the students are tasked to examine the characteristics and field occurrence of the Zambales Ophiolite Complex (ZOC) and Pinatubo deposits in Central Luzon.

The class had the opportunity to visit rock outcrops in Botolan, San Felipe, Santa Cruz, and Subic in Zambales and view various Pinatubo eruption deposits along its trail. Sections of the ophiolite visited include the following: ultramafic layers, layered cumulates, gabbros, sheeted dikes, and pillow basalts.

Students observed the diabase dikes exposed in Daang Kalikasan, Santa Cruz, Zambales.

Triangular-shaped eroded pyroclastic deposits are observed near O’Donnell River, Mt. Pinatubo.


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