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  • Ma. Yna Rose Garcia

Akita University and Kyushu University professors visit UPD NIGS and the Department of Mining, Metallurgical, and Materials Engineering

On February 28, 2024, Dr. Akira Imai from Kyushu University, Dr. Pearlyn Manalo, and Dr. Atsushi Shibayama from Akita University visited the University of the Philippines Diliman National Institute of Geological Sciences (UP-NIGS) and UP Department of Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering (UP-DMMME). This is to strengthen collaboration between these universities.

Dr. Akira Imai, Dr. Pearlyn Manalo and Dr. Atsushi Shibayama (from left to right) took a photo with the Oblation at Quezon Hall. 

Dr. Atsushi Shibayama is a professor at the Graduate School of International Resource Sciences, Department of Earth Resource Engineering and Environmental Science, Akita University. He gave a talk titled "Development of Advanced Mineral and Metallurgical Processing for the Sustainability,” at the DMMME Auditorium. Professor Shibayama introduced Akita University and shared his research on metallurgical processing. He also discussed the new technologies that Japan uses for mineral processing. Dr. Shibayama is also the Director of Akita University Research Institute of Global Resources (RIGRe) (previously International Center for Research and Education on Mineral and Energy Resources (ICREMER) which aims to contribute to the development of sustainable resources. He invited students interested in resource science to join the Short Stay Program of RIGRe which is held annually at Akita University, Japan. Dr. Pearlyn Manalo, a graduate of UP-NIGS, is an Associate Professor at Akita University and a teaching staff of RIGRe. Dr. Akira Imai is a Professor at Kyushu University and previously the director of ICREMER. 

Dr. Atsushi Shibayama giving his talk at the UP-DMMME. 

A lunch meeting was held to discuss current research projects and possible research collaborations. The professors also visited the UP-DMMME pilot plant which houses mineral processing and metal extraction facilities that are used for instruction and research works. They also visited the NIGS-UPGAA Geology Museum which displays the different types of rocks and ore minerals found in the Philippines.  

Lunch meeting with professors from Akita University, Kyushu University and faculty and staff from UP-NIGS and UP-DMMME.


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