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Latest Publications

Updated: Jan 11

Domingo, J.P.T., Ngwenya, B.T., Attal, M., David, C.P.C., Mudd, S.M. (2023). Geochemical fingerprinting to determine sediment source contribution and improve contamination assessment in mining-impacted floodplains in the Philippines. Applied Geochemistry 159, 105808,

Evaristo, J., Jameel, Y., Tortajada, C., Wang, R.Y., Horne, J., Neukrug, H., & David, C.P. (2023). Water woes: the institutional challenges in achieving SDG 6. Sustainable Earth Reviews 6, 13,

Lagos, D.T., Eco, R.C., Hernandez, V.C., Carag, J.W.M., & Gasmen, H.J. (2023). Lessons from the “Counter-Environmental Impact Assessment”: A Reflection on the Methods of Community Science. Philippine Studies Historical & Ethnographic Viewpoints 71(1), 107–133,

Maglalang, E.J.M., Armada, L.T., Santos, M.C., Sayen, K.F., Dimalanta, C.B., Hsu, S.-K., & Yumul, G.P., Jr. (2023). Bottom simulating reflectors in the Manila Trench Forearc and its implications on the occurrence of gas hydrates in the region. Marine and Petroleum Geology 158, 106538,

Nakajima, T., Sueoka, S., Nagata, M., Kohn, B. P., Ramos, N.T., Tsutsumi, H., & Tagami, T. (2023). First report of geo- and thermochronological results from the Cordillera Central, Luzon, Philippines. Earth, Planets and Space 75, 176,

Soberano, N.P.L., Payot, B.D., Valera, G.T.V., & Olfindo, V.S.O. (2023). Metasomatic enrichment of the sub-arc mantle: Evidence from the petrography and geochemistry of the xenolith-bearing andesites from Dinem Island, Batanes, Philippines. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 262, 1 March 2024, 105999,

Publications (January to September 2023)

Austria, R.SP., Armada, L.T., Parcutela, N.E., Dimalanta, C.B., Payot, B.D., Valera, G.T.V., Reyes, E.M.L., Yumul, G.P. (2023). The Macolod Corridor (Philippines)–A passive rift compensated by ponded magmas? Tectonophysics 862, 5 September 2023, 229965,

Boothroyd, R.J., Williams, R.D., Hoey, T.B., MacDonell, C., Tolentino, P.L.M., Quick, L., Guardian, E.L., Reyes, J.C.M.O., Sabillo, C.J., Perez, J.E.G., and David, C.P.C. (2023). National-scale geodatabase of catchment characteristics in the Philippines for river management applications. PLoS ONE 18 (3), e0281933,

Cariño, M.C.M.R, Peleo-Alampay, A.M., Wiesner, M.G., De Silva, L.P., Lahajnar, N., Betzler, C., Fikree, I., Lüdmann T. (2023). Planktonic foraminifera fluxes and their response to the Asian Monsoon: insights from the Maldives, Indian Ocean. Frontiers in Earth Science 11, 1141263,

Garas, K.L., Ondona, A.C., Agot, R.D.D., Madrigal, M.F.B., Rollan, R.A.A., Abrenica, A.B., Manzano, L.S.J., Ramos, N.T. (2023). Anthropogenic Impacts of Tourism to Karst Environments in the Philippines. Proceedings of the 19th Annual Meeting of the Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS 2022), 2023, 159–161,

Jabagat, K. D., Gabo-Ratio, J. A., Lee, Y. H., Soberano, O. B., Queaño, K. L., Andal, E. S, Yonezu, K., Dimalanta, C.B., Yumul Jr, G.P. (2023). Multiple intrusions of barren and fertile magmas in a complex island arc system: Insights from igneous rocks in the Suyoc area, Southern Mankayan Mineral District, Philippines. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences 158, 106538,

Nawanao, L.P. and Ramos, N.T. (2023). Frontal wedge variations and controls of submarine landslides in the Negros–Sulu Trench System, Philippines. Frontiers in Earth Science 11,

Parcutela, N.E., Austria, R.S., Dimalanta, C.B., Valera, G.T.V., Gabo-Ratio, J.A.S., Payot, B.D., Armada, L.T., Sangalang, K.J.F., and Yumul Jr., G.P. (2023). Enhanced arc magmatic productivity of the Western Pacific island arcs deduced from gravity-derived arc crustal growth rates. Frontiers in Earth Science 11, 1107833,

Pasco, J.A., Payot, B.D., Valera, G.T.V., Dycoco, J.M.A., Labis, F.A.C., Tamura, A., and Morishita, T. (2023). From rifting to emplacement: Variable mantle melting preserved in the central Palawan Ophiolite peridotites, Philippines. International Geology Review,

Reyes, H.D.A., Balangue-Tarriela, M.I.R., Mejorada, A., Ejera, V.N. (2023). Modeling Mineral Scaling in Matalibong Sector of Tiwi Geothermal Field, Albay, Bicol, Philippines. Philippine Journal of Science 152 (2), 703–713,


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